So we got a beer at Start in Paris #18


Hey Vabblers,

So 2 days ago we went to Start in Paris, a montly startup competition hosted in Paris Players bar and hosted by Laurent Kretz. 5 startups were competing that night:

- 1001 menus: a solution that allows restaurant managers to manage their restaurant’s profile simultaneously on all main online guides.

- Foxypins: a mobile app that automatically finds all social events that are happening around you.

- a shopping social guide

- Mail Jet: a solution that makes sure all your recipients get your marketing e-mails.

-Modizy: a social shopping guide designed for women.

We really loved 1001 menus and voted for them, and they actually won:) We also had an interesting talk with the guys from Foxypins (we are always interested in social events and travel solutions) and Steve Atchikiti from Ticket Avenue. Keep up the good work Steve!

The Hangover 3…let’s rock Mexico!

If you’re still wondering what you and your pals shoud do for summer, this could be of inspiration to you! The Hangover 3 will take place in Tijuana, Mexico. It’s more or less the gate of Mexico when when your’re coming from Los Angeles. 

Time - Hans Zimmer

Hey, we just want to share with you one of our favourite songs. Turn up the volume and watch these amazing pictures. It makes you want to escape, doesn’t it ?

You’re only a few clics to the Pyramids

It’s funny how fast things can go sometimes. You’re stuck to your computer, pale as a blank sheet with the spring rain pouring outside, and suddenly a spark hits your brain and you decide you want to get some sun as fast as you can. You e-mail a good friend you know in Cairo. Create an "Let’s rock Egypt" event on Vabbla, invite a few friends, complete the polls to decide where, when, how, how much etc.

And there we are, right under the pyramids, having a tchat with camel riders…oh god we love Vabbla!

Here’s a video inspired by a book we really loved, written by a guy who spent 6 months in a hut by Lake Baikal, Siberia, with nothing but books, pasta and vodka. If you feel the need to take a break and experience loneliness, then this book is for you !  

Dans les forêts de Sibérie, Sylvain Tesson (only in French for the moment:s)

Deezer Hackathon with BeMyApp

This week-end, the Deezer Hackathon, organized by BeMyApp, took place in Paris. This event was not about trips, but about entrepreneurship (and we love entrepreneurship events!).

Of course we love music too, so we were there for pitches and results announcement. We think it’s a very good opportunity for the tech community to meet up and it’s contributing to extend Paris startups ecosystem. Crongrats to the participants !

Take the plunge!

So we’re starting this blog to talk about how great this is to go on trips with your friends. This picture was taken in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam during one of our best trips ever in 2009: here’s the Vabbla team taking the plunge!

This is the place to share your stories —>send them to and we’ll publish them!

Cheers :-)